Sidequesting is an award-winning scripted fiction podcast about avoiding the main plot and doing sidequests instead. It follows Rion, an adventurer who’s willing to help anyone out - as long as they’re not being asked to deal with the scary wizard that everyone keeps talking about.



Produced by: Tal Minear (they/them)
Cover Art: Julian Mundy (he/him)
Logo Art: Asher Silverman (they/them)
Episode Cover Art: Tal Minear (they/them)
Theme Music: Everyone is so alive by Monplaisir (they/them)
Sound Design: Tal Minear (they/them)
Voice of Rion: Tal Minear (they/them)
For guest writers and voice actors, see episode pages!

We're a semi-seralized show. You don't need to listen in order, but you'll catch some references to previous episodes if you do!

Reviews of the Show

"With a mix of narration and dialogue, Sidequesting brings humour to a fantasy life of kindness in Rion, who simply wants to help the people around them. Would highly, highly recommend this LGBT+ filled podcast.""Sidequesting is the perfect blend of fun and casual. Each episode has left me satisfied knowing the adventures Rion went on, and the humor of avoiding the main plot is so refreshing."

"Was this podcast made with me in mind specifically? If you said yes, I would not be surprised. It's the slice-of-life, epic fantasy adjacent podcast of my dreams!""With excellent acting and amazing writing, this lighthearted podcast will remind you how much more fulfilling it can be to take a break from your big responsibilities to help some people and have fun doing it."

"The stakes are deliberately low, which flies in the face of what we think we know about storytelling - but it turns out that listening to something sweet, and kind, and that you know will turn out all right, is exactly what some of us need in our lives.""It’s a cheerful jaunt into another world where all the things that are worrying you here and now aren’t that big of a deal, and everything works out."

Press and Awards


David Wood
Claudia Elvidge
Kyle Decker
Jamey Combs
David Lapointe
Ayla Taylor
Frederick Greenhalgh
Ella Watts
Anne Baird
Mads Upton
Anne Baird
Mike Lecluyse
Leslie Joyce
Karima Horton
Laughing Naiad
Kevin O'Shaughnessy
Robin Howell
Michael Rotton
Andrew Sianez-De La O
Dwayne Farver
Cass McPhee
Autumn Hudgens
Jennifer Sugden
Alice Bell
Si B
Monica Riccomini
Eddie Feeley
Anne Adler
Barbara Betz
Sara Ghaleb
Logan Cheshire
David Lapointe
Jordan Richards
Nathan Comstock
Christopher Magilton
AJ Churchill
Dan Frøskeland
Sara McCarthy
Jonathan Bell
Nathalie Brunet
Trey Tatum

Chris Cousday
Ilya Nepomnyashchiy
Talon Stradley
Jamie Feckley
Evan Tess Murray
David Lapointe
Kathi Sindelar
Xen Virtue
Danni Jager
David Lapointe
Jesse Salomon
Trace Callahan
JP & Melinda
Alyx Hanson
Sasha Cat
Monica Barner
Caroline Mincks
Cole Burkhardt
Robin Howell
Therin Stapp
Bob Raymonda
Alexandra Von Gries
Elizabeth Hazen
Nikko Goldstein
Cherry Galen
Drew Gover
Talon M Stradley
D.J. Sylvis
Jeff Van Dreason
Alexandria Garcia
Melissa Cronin
Max Kreisky
Fabian Klose
Rebekah Balfour
Pacific Obadiah
Madelyn Dorta
Desperado Podcast
Coe Salzgeber
Caelan Joy
Tamara Coy
Kiana Tagupa

Michael Hudson
Arwen Minear
Legolas Minear
Dallas Wheatley
E. L. Thackwray
Alexandra Pal
Jessy Boros
D.J. Sylvis
Eddie Feeley
Kirsty Woolven
Rachel Rauch
Tole Canal
Perrin Caristi
Becca Marcus
Stephanie M
Gwen Chan
Xavier Siason
Phenix Runt
Nick Johnson
Tabitha Monterrey Seitchik
Avery-Hunter Ames
Melissa Mam
Hannah Wright
Karl A Osladil
Trace Callahan
Cheyenne Bramwell
Marnie Warner
Dania R
Katharina Sindelar
Michel Spils
Allison Maria Dauphine
Jaye Brink
Zoe Mcaden
Ryden Forsyth
Orion Ibert
Resa Chiic
Jess Galen

The land where we live, work, and tell our stories is occupied land.
We would like to acknowledge that Sidequesting is made in Long Beach, on the stolen land of the Kizh Nation.
Sidequesting is an Apartheid Free Zone. We support the BDS-led movement for Palestinian justice, freedom, and equality.

Sidequesting Trailers

Episode 1, Hero Knight

Willow: Sena Bryer (she/her)
Townsfolk: Katherine Shepherd (she/her), Francesco Macagno (he/him),
Roger Mohr (they/them), Luca Pill (they/them)


Episode 2, Travel Buddy

Lord: Brandon Jenkins (he/they)
Scout: Sterling Rae (she/they)
Guard: Jona (they/them)


Episode 3, Lost and Found

Rowan: M (he/they)
Family: Fox Cooper (they/them)


Episode 4, Basket Case

Oliver: Reggie Gacad (he/him)
Alden: Bret M-W (they/them)
Quinn: Dallas Wheatley (they/them)
Kid: Mira Leigh (she/her)
Jones: David Hanna (he/him)


Episode 5, The Princess and the Plan

Clara: Lucille Valentine (she/her)
Zoe: Katherine Shepherd (she/her)
Jefferson Merriweather: Xen Virtue (he/him)


Episode 6, Starshade

Iris: Erin B. Lillis (she/her)
Margery: Sheila Morris (she/her)


Episode 7, Cupid's Aro

Sam: Cass McPhee (he/they)
Miller: Tara Santora (they/them)


Episode 8, Ghost Story

Scarlet: Ace Corsaira (she/her)
Thea: Amani van der Hulst (she/her)


Episode 9, You Didn't See Anything

Eli: Cole Burkhardt (he/him)
Sage: Mads Upton (they/them)


Episode 10, NPC

Avery: Chad Ellis (he/him)
Liam: DeeJay Sylvis (they/he)
Finley: Lisette Alvarez (they/them)
Aly: Hannah Wright (she/her)
Helyn: Robin Howell (they/them)
Sif: Karin Heimdahl (she/her)
Amanda: Leslie Gideon (she/her)

Evan: Davis Walden (he/him)
Cole: Evan Tess Murray (they/them)
Erin: Claudia Elvidge (she/her)
Val: Therin Stapp (she/they)
Lysander: A.R. Olivieri (they/them)
Clover: Hazel Stapp (she/her)


Episode 2.1, Honor Among Thieves

Cassandra: Kirsty Woolven (she/her)
Astrid: Caroline Mincks (they/them)
Fig: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)
Rory: Scottye Moore (he/they)
Gate Guard: Anne Baird (they/them)
Hall Guard: Alicia Atkins (she/her)


Episode 2.2, Building Bridges

Cam: Beth Crane (she/her)
Argyle: Eddy Yeung (he/him)


Episode 2.3, Shining Armor

Sir Blaise: Sawyer Green (he/him)
Leah: Ali Cataltepe (she/her)
Unicorn: Tina Daniels (she/her)


Episode 2.4, What Goes Around Comes Around

Halley: Emma Laslett (she/they)
Richard: Sean Howard (he/him)
Ananda: Amara Augustine (she/her)
Bert: Ali Hylton (she/they)
Theodora: Shade Oyemakinwa (they/them)


Episode 2.5, Equivalent Exchange

Remmington Fullbright: Leo Balestri (they/he)
Aspen: Evan Tess Murray (they/he)
The Interviewer: Clint McElroy (he/him)


Episode 2.6, Into The Cavern

Cene: Alex Welch (they/she)
Episode Written By: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)


Episode 2.7, Trial By Fire

Castor: Caleb Del Rio (he/him)
Yeenog Herozu: James Oliva (he/him)
Episode Written With: Hannah Wright (she/her)
Episode Transcript By: Ria Couoh (ae/they/she)
This episode is a crossover with Inn Between! Go check this amazing audio drama out!


Episode 2.8, Sidekick For A Day

Noeck: Trace Callahan (she/they)
Tariq: Becca Marcus (she/her)
Yvaine: Chijioke Williams (she/her)
Episode Written With: Brayden Chapman (he/him)


Episode 2.9, The Next Best Thing

Iniya: Rashika Rao (she/her)
Seneca: Khalila Marie (she/they)
Hamza: Tau Zaman (they/them)
Episode Written By: Ather Ahmed (he/him)


Episode 2.10, Orion's Nebula

Neil: Samy Souissi (he/him)
Phoenix: Erin Kyan (he/him)
Alioth: Cole Burkhardt (he/him)
Khara: Sarah Rhea Werner (she/they)
Bianca: Sena Bryer (she/her)
Eraldo: David Orión Pena (he/him)
Captain Orion: Tal Minear (they/them)


Episode 2.11, Loch Pet Monster

Mayor: Zoë Bujold
Spotacus: Tyson Fraleigh
Lad: Ezra J. Wayne (he/him)
Narrator: Elisabeth Nyveen
Episode Written by: Dexter Lavery-Callender, Tal Minear, and Elisabeth Nyveen.
This episode is a crossover with October & Fish! Go check this amazing audio drama out!


Episode 3.1, The Alien, The Adventurer, & The Farmer’s Daughter

Ciara: Leslie Gideon (she/her)
Gomez: Andrew Siañez-De La O (he/they)
Episode written by: Andrew Siañez-De La O (he/they)


Episode 3.2, Natural Causes

Leif: Felix Trench (he/him)
Mara: Mo Mo O’Brien (she/her)
Rakell: Leslie Gideon (she/her)
The Mage: Elena Fernandez Collins (he/they/she)
Original music by: Ali Hylton (she/they)


Episode 3.3, Trouble Causing Trousers

Old Man Johnson: Brody Linton
Osric the Mage: Max Kriesky (he/him)
Helpful Passerby: Aubrey Lima (she/they)
Disgruntled Worker: Ezra J. Wayne (he/him)
Episode written by: Draco Aleksander (they/them)
Dialogue editing by: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)


Episode 3.4, Unexpected Magic

Finley: Newton Schottelkotte (they/them)
Episode written by: DJ Sylvis (they/them)


Episode 3.5, A Giant Problem

Arlor: Felipe Vargas
Rippy: Sam Nguyen (he/him)
Besla: Roanna Cruz
Episode written by: David S. Dear (he/him)
Dialogue editing by: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)


Episode 3.6, Like Gnobody Else

Gnolan: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)
Gnoni: Hannah Wright (she/her)


Episode 3.7, Tournament Day

Nary: Jenna Rose Geiser
Sage: Greg Vinciguerra
Episode written by: Leslie Gideon (she/her)
Dialogue editing by: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)


Episode 3.8, Silent Treatment

Eryx: Stephen Indrisano (he/they)
Cella: Bonnie Calderwood-Aspinwall (they/them)
Sequoyah: Tal Minear (they/them)
Dialogue editing by: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)


Episode 3.9, The Emerald Veranum

Nocser: Fred Greenhalgh (he/him)
Episode written by: Brad Colbroock (they/them/he)


Press Kit

What is Sidequesting?
A sidequest is defined as a quest given to the player that has no direct bearing on the main story of the game. But what if these sidequests are the main story? That's what this podcast is about. Sidequesting is a scripted fiction, fantasy-adventure podcast about avoiding the main plot and doing sidequests instead.
About the Pod
Sidequesting follows Rion, a budding adventurer who’s willing to help out just about anyone, as long as they’re not being asked to deal with the scary wizard everyone keeps talking about. Each episode follows a new sidequest of Rion’s as they travel from town to town, meeting new people and doing new things. Sidequesting pulls from classic tropes across fantasy stories, but subverts them. It’s a fun, light-hearted, and exciting adventure. Sidequesting is a family friendly show and an explicitly queer production.
Contact Details
Email: sidequestingpod @
Social Media: @SidequestingPod on Twitter, @sidequesting on Instagram, and sidequestingpod on Tumblr
Quick Facts:
Seasons: S1 and S2 released, S3 in production
Episodes Per Season: 10
Episode Length: 12-20 minutes
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure
Audience: Made for young adults, is family-friendly!
Where to Listen:
RSS Feed
Apple Podcasts
Radio Public
Pocket Casts, Google Play, and More!
Transcripts are available here.
Transcripts for an episode will be released the same day as the episode audio, and are also linked in the show notes.
Press and Awards:
A Sky Full of Pods Review
Audio Drama Reviews Review
The Podcast Dragon Review
Discover Pods, Most De(a)f Representation in Podcasting
2020 AVA Finalist, Writing of an Audio Play Production
2021 AVA Finalist, Writing of a Production
2021 AVA Finalist, Guest Performance in a Production
2021 Hear Now Festival Silver Selection
2023 Minnesota Web Fest Official Selection
2023 Baltimore Next Media Web Fest Official Selection
2023 NZ Web Fest Official Selection
2023 Hollywood Series Award Winner
2023 LAWEBFEST Award Winner
Sidequesting has over 100k total downloads, averaging just under 5k per episode.
Cast and Crew:
Lead Writer: Tal Minear (they/them)
Producer, Showrunner, Director: Tal Minear (they/them)
Dialogue Editor and Sound Designer: Tal Minear (they/them)
Cover Art: Julian Mundy (he/him)
Intro/Outro Theme: Everyone is so alive by Monplaisir (they/them)
Voice of Rion: Tal Minear (they/them)
Queer Friendly, Queer Created:
We strive for a production that welcomes those from all marginalized identities and backgrounds. When writing Sidequesting, Tal brings not only their love of fantasy but also their experiences as a queer and nonbinary person. Most of the characters throughout the story are queer, transgender, and/or people of color - in prominent, positive roles. Sidequesting will have a diverse set of guest actors to bring these varied characters to life. Lots of fantasy stories are very straight, very cisgender, and very white, but this story isn’t going to be one of those.
About the Creator:
Tal is a SoCal based voice actor, sound designer, and fiction podcast producer. They're the creator of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Someone Dies In This Elevator, and several other productions that can be found hiding under rugs and around corners. Tal can be heard in audio fiction shows such as Tales of the Echowood, Circles, Deconstructive Criticism, and more. They do sound design for Seen and Not Heard, Surreal Love, Wizard Seeking Wizard, and their own podcasts, and they write about audio drama production on Medium and for Discover Pods. Tal has been called "a creative force to be reckoned with" and "one of the best sound designers currently creating." Find them on Podchaser here, on IMDb here, and follow them on Twitter @starplanes.
Cover Art:

Press Kit Pamphlet: